I am an Economics PhD Student at LMU Munich with a research interest in spatial & urban economics and trade.

You can find my CV here.


Working Papers

“Export Induced Spatial Divergence” joint with Lei Li and Jinfeng Luo (PDF)


How does export liberalization affect firm location choice and the spatial concentration of eco- nomic activity? We address these questions using the geo-coordinates of Chinese manufacturing firms and find that export widens inter-city and intra-city spatial disparities by reinforcing ini- tially large industry centers. We first show that there has been an increased spatial concentration across cities in response to improved foreign market access. Only industry city pairs that were large initially increase their employment density following trade liberalization. Second, there has also been an increased spatial concentration within cities. For a given industry, districts closer to city centers are getting denser, mainly driven by the extensive margin. Third, the above effects are not exclusive to industries directly exposed to export shocks but also spill over positively to upstream and downstream industries and negatively to industries competing for the same workers locally.